Machine: ALO 175, ALO 177 and other cut to lenght machines
Question: The machine is not measuring correctly.
Answer: A new calibration value must entered, measure the diameter of the measuring wheel and dial it into the machine.
Question: The machine takes forever to start up, the panel is loading for more than 5 minutes before it starts.
Answer: The memory card in the panel is corrupted, eject the memory card from the panel and restart machine. The long start up should be gone. The card can be replaced with a new one, the three folders Folder_1, Folder_2 and Folder_3 must be created for the recipe to work.
Question: The machine does not feed out after initial cut?
Answer: The cut cylinder sensors are not functioning correctly. Check status menu and press cut button and check that the sensors for shear positive and negative is responding.
The magazine cylinder sensors are not functioning correctly.
Shut off air supply to the machine.
Check status menu and move the magazine manually so the sensors are lit, at the same time check that the sensors for magazine positive and negative is responding in the status menu.
Question: The machines measuring is unstable, sometimes correct and sometimes over shoots or under shoots the ordered length.
Answer: There is a malfunctioning encoder.
Either the shaft connection between measuring wheel and encoder is broken. The encoder itself can also be broken, the only option is to replace it.


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